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Today, in my adult life, 3:10 pm would be a time when I'm never home.

Instead, I'm probably on the second to last lecture, restless.Or just about to clock in at the restaurant.

A time of waiting: for what's happening after school, for dinner, for the busy evening hours at work.

In the fatigue of waiting, my home can feel almost magical.

At 3:10 pm in Stockholm, it's dark outside for half the year - every year it feels just as surreal to sit in a well-lit classroom, looking out the window and not knowing if it's 3, 7,10 pm.

The time is also traditionally linked with Fika - pausing for coffee, pastries, talking.

However, it is not as common now compared to a few decades ago. Taking a break in the middle of the afternoon is a nice thing though...

This illustration is what I dream about at 3:10 pm.