a digital love letter to time
issue II three ten

She looked through the window and saw kids playing outside; people were napping in the park.

Priorities seemed far away and her thoughts wandered; everything felt remote, inaccessible, too ordinary.

3:10 pm, the ultimate afternoon hour;
it was too late or too early for anything.

ABOUT HOURS is a Berlin-based art project and magazine imaginatively exploring the concept of time. It focuses on one specific hour per issue and builds a different website for each edition.

For its second issue, ABOUT HOURS explores 3:10 pm.
This mid-afternoon hour is usually thought of a time of restfulness and play - when the sun shines and naps begin. But behind its luminous surface, Three Ten is also an unpopular hour associated with boredom, “afternoon slumps”, and work-related anxieties. In this issue, we grapple with this tension between fun and fatigue - how do we imagine 3:10 pm?

7 artists contributed with exclusive works spanning illustration, photography, collage, make-up, and video. They were entirely free to create anything they wanted - the only constraint was to create works inspired by 3:10 pm.

A celebration of time through code, this issue brings all the works together into an imaginative digital object.

// launched October 2019

contributors: Mio Ary with the participation of Adam, Izumi, Kohki Hasei, Kondo, Masako, Pianola, and Tatsuhiko, Sofia Hjortberg, Camila Malenchini, Pauline Maure, Madrona Redhawk, Majla Zeneli
founder & development: Audrey Kadjar

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